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(Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed)

   2 Timothy 2:15


What is AWANA?
AWANA is centered on the gospel.  Bible memory is a key element of our curriculum.  We use a complete and systematic approach for training kids from preschool & on up to know, love and serve Christ.  Our exclusive games generate maximum fun at AWANA meetings.  Children and youth are also trained to serve.  We offer special events as outreach tools and service opportunities for young people and their families and friends.  AWANA programs and materials are designed to influence unsaved parents, too.

What programs are available?
Puggles—two’s & three’s (not potty trained)      
Cubbies—two years up to entering kindergarten
Sparks—kindergarten through second grade
Truth & Training—third—fourth grade

What happens in an AWANA meeting?
The AWANA meeting is a time filled with energy, fellowship and spiritual growth.  Each of our children’s clubs has its own unique meeting format, but in general, AWANA meetings are 90 minutes long and feature three main segments:  Council Time, Game Time, and Handbook Time.  Council Time is a large group setting consisting of praise and worship, Bible teaching, awards, announcements and presentation of the gospel.  Game Time is comprised of exciting circle games exclusive to AWANA that are a popular draw for churched and unchurched children alike.  Handbook Time provides small group interaction, recitation of Scripture that kids learned during the week, friendship building and opportunities for leaders to mentor children and help then understand the Bible verses they memorize.

How can my child join AWANA?
Just come by the church most Sunday evenings at 4:30 pm during the school year.   We will register your child on the spot and they can join in the fun!

Is there a cost to join AWANA?
We do ask families to pay a nominal fee ($10 per child) each year to cover the cost of uniforms and books.  This can be paid as a lump sum, or weekly (50 cents each week). Scholarships are available for those experiencing financial hardship.  NO CHILD WILL BE TURNED AWAY FOR FINANCIAL REASONS.





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